How To Shoot Time Lapse Video With Canon 1300 D Without Intervalometer:-

You Need 3 apps in your mobile:-4

  1. Canon Camera Connect (
  • TimeLapse Calculator

How To:-

  1. Use timelapse calculator to find the how many images you need, at what time interval.
  2. Then Connect your canon 1300d with your mobile through wifi.
  3. Now open intervalometer app and put the settings in the app that you have already calculated from timelapse calculator.
  4. Now bring the shutter icon over the shutter button of canon camera connect and click on start on intervalometer.

Now after getting the images use Wondershare filmora video making software.

How To:-

Import all the photos to time line

Then select all photos and right click and set the duration 00:00:00:05 and then export.

Yout time lapse video is done.

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